• Main materials of Jiangmen film

    The primary material requirements for in mold labeling are strict, and the technical content of in mold labeling is very high. The primary embodiment is the material. The first to enter the Chinese market is Yupo in mold label in Japan, which claims to be the most successful in mold label material in the world.In mold label should have excellent printability, ensure ink firmly attached to the surf


  • What are the steps for hot stamping of Jiangmen film

    When we do the post printing processing of in mold label, we can choose to hot stamp first and then polish, or we can choose to polish first and then hot stamp. Let's make a stamping process analysis of in mold label for us.Cold stamping process is mainly combined with flexography and embossing. In order to get excellent visual effect of cold stamping, high technical support is needed. If the col


  • Brief introduction of Jiangmen pet food container

    (1) the triangle symbol of "1" on PET bottle indicates that PET bottle is the most widely used beverage bottle. It has high transparency, and others can see the contents at a glance; it is acid and alkali resistant and has a large stomach, so it can hold all kinds of acid juice and carbonated drinks; it has high water resistance and is not easy to exude. If it is only used as a can for low-tempe


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